The breath of nature

To build a house you must first start with solid foundations. We decided to build our factory in Cene for two main reasons, firstly to continue employing local people and secondly to make the most of the incredible climate and ecosystem of our valley. Above all it was the valley’s alpine air that Mario Bortolotti sought for his products, and it was at the foot at the foot of a pretty little hill where he was born and where he lives, that he identified a wooded area of ‚Äč‚Äčover 34,000 m2 that could serve as a safe and very important source of mountain air for the slow and natural seasoning of his cured meats.

In our single large factory, we produce today hundreds of different seasoned products in unique maturing cellars built underground into the heart of the hillside. Recreating the unique ecosystem and maturing environment as in the heart of Val Seriana would be impossible in a warehouse by the side of a motorway. Salamis breathe as they mature, with frequent changes of air, and what makes our salamis so completely unique is that they breathe the air that is drawn in directly from the wooded hill above. We call it "The Breath of the Nature".