Our people

In an age where technology is advancing so quickly, we believe it is important not to forget that there are people at the heart of everything, with their toolbox of skills, know how, knowledge and emotions.

The choice to build our factory in Cene, our home, was really about this basic truth, not only to embrace technology but also to embrace the people who are at the heart of all we do. Technology without people is nothing more than automation.

It is the human touch of love, care and pride in making our products that really makes the difference, and we believe that efficiency comes from a high degree of craftsmanship blended with leading edge technology.

It is thanks to our people that we can guarantee an efficient service to the customer and a flow of new products and great innovative ideas.

We are very proud of our employees and above all we are proud of the ancient tradition of pride in one’s own hard work which characterises the people of our region.