The folklore

Some might tend to associate the character of the people of Bergamo with that of the famous "Giopì", the undisputed hero of Bergamo’s comedy of art (commedia dell’arte) which is actually the origin of today’s Punch and Judy.

The Gioppino, in fact, says a lot about Bergamo and her people being characterized by a firm manner and dialect, but always good-natured. Gioppino is always shown carrying a stick that he uses to forcefully make his point and he always acts in favour of the poor and the disadvantaged. Gioppino is also a lover of fine food and wine and, of course, he declares himself madly in love with his wife Margì.

The Gioppino represents the simple person, stout but kind-hearted, and always ready to defend the weak . He also represents the honest “Bergamasco” someone who loves his family, works hard for them and does not tolerate injustice. From the exploits of this character was born one of our most successful product lines the "Crape de legn" which literally translated means “wooden head”