The "Norcineria" of Bergamo

Each December it was traditional for every village to slaughter a pig, the elderly farmers still recall "It was the biggest party of the year" and the activities started early. The butcher, named norcino, copasunì, masant, would arrive with his tools gathered in a bag.

On the day, it was customary for the butcher to be a guest of the farmer’s family, for lunch and dinner. He rarely consumed pork meat; something else was prepared for him, perhaps pasta, cheese & vegetables. Nothing was wasted, the meat would be prepared and cured and the family would cook the liver that could not be preserved.

It was cooked with onions according to a well-known recipe in Veneto and Lombardy. The Caul fat was used to cook the liver, this fat was named rét o gradiséla; it made an ideal sauce for the traditional polenta because it melted deliciously with the roasted onions.